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At PS Supplies, we supply a large selection of both modern and traditional style interior doors. There are many materials to choose from, which one you opt for will depend on the look you are going for. All our doors are made from high quality materials. Remember – you can ask a member of staff in our Navan & Drogheda showrooms if you have any specific questions.

Moulded Skin Doors

These doors are as dense as wood, however they do not have the disadvantage of being vulnerable to cracking, warping, splintering etc. These doors are sturdy and durable – meaning they will last a long long time. There are various designs to choose from, with 4 and 6 panel being amongst the favourites. The panels can also add a decorative feature to any room. If you are unsure what might suit your home, feel free to bring in photos, fabric swatches etc.

Solid Wood Doors

Our solid wooden doors are a favourite and will never go out of fashion. People have been using wood as a building material for thousands of years and will continue to do so for a thousand more. There are many reasons why people like wooden doors. The natural appearance offers a warm and earthy feel inside your home. The different types of wood can complement any décor, from light pines to darker walnuts. The various grains can add a totally unique design element. Call into either of our showrooms to see what we have to offer, or even browse our galleries below.

Oak Doors

Oak is a classic style that is constantly in demand. The rich colour and hues along with the unique grain really gives a unique and timeless look to any room. Oak doors are a great addition to any home and can last for years.

Walnut Doors

Walnut is a more expensive type of wood, but absolutely worth the investment. The deep tones can work in any room, and can even work alongside other types of wooden features, such as floors. To see our range, call in to our showrooms in Drogheda & Navan.

Primed Doors

Our primed doors are a great alternative for those who want something other than wood. There are various styles to choose from, four panel, six panel etc. These can really help brighten up your home, especially in those smaller rooms.


Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that you will receive professional advice from our team. There are a range of finishes to choose from when you buy your doors, with glazing and accessories really helping to make it your own.

Available Sizes: A, B, C, D, E