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WR2 Wall Panelling

PS Supplies provide clients with beautiful WR2 wall panelling. This sophisticated wall panelling is available in various colours and is perfect for commercial and domestic properties. The timeless elegance of the WR2 wall panelling means it is suitable for both rooms and hallways. The WR2 Wall Panelling is conceived and manufactured by Deanta and is a testament to their portfolio of high-quality panelling products. PS Supplies is an official supplier of Deanta products.

Product Specifications

A single wall panelling pack includes:
• 1 x (2400mm x 39.5mm x 51mm) length of large (top) beading
• 4 x (2400mm x 110mm x 15mm) lengths of board panelling
• 4 x (2400mm x 25mm x 51mm) lengths of (inside) beading


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